Thursday, July 19, 2012

Porter-Cable FR350A Review

Automatic nailers (commonly known as nail guns) are efficient nailing tools. Compared to the traditional hammer these tools work far much better and can be used by all -  amateurs, DIYers and experienced contractors. They are easy to use and can drive nails at virtually any angle without bending them. One such tool is the Porter-cable fr350a
Types of nails it can use
Porter-cable fr350a nail gun uses the full round head framing nails. Due to the different manufacturing companies, framing nails usually come in different sizes, types and finishes. This should not be an issue, you can change between various nail brands as long as they are within the specification listed in this tool's manual.
The accepted nail sizes for this nail gun range from 0.113 to 0.148 inches in diameter, 2 to 3-1/2 inches long and a head diameter of .263 to .295 inches.
The magazine is designed 22-degree plastic collated round-head framing nails. But can hold between 20 to 22-degree nails.
Nail Magazine and Number of Nails
The nail magazine is quite tough since it is made of anodized aluminum. It is set 22-degrees to the drive axis. The nail magazine holds duo-strip of plastic collated nails for a total of 64 nails.
Product Dimensions -fr350a has the following dimensions: Length 53cm (21"), Width 12cm (4.6"), Height (36cm) (14.25"). Most framing nailers have similar size, the FR350A is maybe slightly smaller than some nailers in the market.
Weight - The fr350a framing nailer is weighs just over 3.5kg (8lbs). It is a heavy tool just like many other frame nailers. This can cause some fatigue if held for a long period. However, the extra weight is very useful in dampening the recoil produced by a frame nailer as it drives the nail. If these large nails were to be driven using lighter tools, excessive recoil would be created leading to more fatigue. And since the user need not to carry the machine all the time, they can avoid this fatigue and "rest" their arms as they do other jobs.
Operating pressure - fr350a nail gun  will drive nails well at pressure ranges between 70 - 120 PSI. It can be driven by a compressor of almost any size so long as it has a tank. Below 70 PSI the gun will lack the power to fully drive the nail. Therefore it is recommended that the operating pressures do not go below 70psi.
Additional features
 -Well mounted trigger
 -Tough nail magazine
 -Adjustable air exhaust port  
 -Depth of drive controls helps adjust the depth to which the nail is driven
 -Easily accessible actuation mode selection- it is located on the
 -The body and handle system system is well designed
 -Strong Case
Once you get used to its weight, using the machine will be quite simple. The nail gun comes equipped with a 1/4" adjustable exhaust vent. This protects the user from the exhaust emissions. A removable rubber cushion protects the work surface. This can be removed to expose the barbed foot for more accurate toenailing. Fr350a nail gun comes in a kit with 3 wrenches for clearing jams and adjusting the tool. It has a tough plastic case with a space for carrying nails.
Pros:solidly built, versatile, safer
Cons: Huge, Heavy and bulky

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