Monday, June 3, 2013

What To Look For When Choosing The Right Cordless Electrical Lawn Mowever

Electric lawn mowers are taking over from the gasoline powered mowers. This process is accelerated by the innovative approach taken by the electric lawn mower manufacturers to make them as powerful as gas mowers while being less cumbersome and easier to maintain. Electric lawn mowers can basically be divided into two groups - cordless and corded. Corded lawn mowers are powerful and effective choice for small lawns with a small number of obstacles, but many users find their tethering to an outlet a great limitation while mowing. As a result, cordless electric lawn mowers are quickly gaining popularity among modern lawn mower buyers. The following are some features you need to consider when choosing the right cordless electrical lawn mower to buy.
When choosing the cordless lawn mower to purchase it is essential to look at how well it cuts grass rather than how pretty it is. A top mower is one which performs best. You will need to consider how efficiently and effectively the lawn mower cuts grass; look at how well it discharges, bags, or mulches; and the effectiveness of any special or supplementary features. For example, a self-propelled mower's should efficient in propelling itself.
Just like any other outdoor power tool, the durability of the electric lawn mower should greatly influence your decision to purchase. Look at the materials making every part of the electric mower for vulnerabilities which would lead to untimely break downs. Examine the material used to make the mower's deck. A polymer deck seems to last longer, are more resistant to damage and don't rust easily when compared to metal decks. It is also important to consider the material and design of the mower's battery, battery charger and wheels. A durable lawn mower will maintain quality mowing performance, over a long period, with few repairs.
Design and Ease of Use
The mower's overall accessibility is a measure of how easy it is to use its available features and the mower itself. The key factors to consider include: the mower's size and weight, whether it has a removable battery, and the ease of switching between the mowing modes.
In determining a mower's ease of use it is also necessary to consider the overall features of the mower and how well they combine to improve the mowing experience. In simple terms, a good cordless electric mower is one which is user friendly.
Other important design features are:
A self-propel function for heavy cordless electric mowers
A removable key-start to prevent accidental startup or unauthorized use
A bail handle for cutting off power to the blade during idle run
Help and Support
Companies that offer appropriate phone and email support, conveniently located service centers, and detailed information on how to get the most out of your cordless electric mower are good places to purchase electric lawn mowers. The help and support become vital especially during breakdowns.
Prior information on what to consider when choosing the right cordless lawn mower is important. Whether you are interested in a simple mower for your small yard, or a huge mower for larger fields, you will need to consider the features above to help you make an informed choice.