Monday, June 3, 2013

What To Look For When Choosing The Right Cordless Electrical Lawn Mowever

Electric lawn mowers are taking over from the gasoline powered mowers. This process is accelerated by the innovative approach taken by the electric lawn mower manufacturers to make them as powerful as gas mowers while being less cumbersome and easier to maintain. Electric lawn mowers can basically be divided into two groups - cordless and corded. Corded lawn mowers are powerful and effective choice for small lawns with a small number of obstacles, but many users find their tethering to an outlet a great limitation while mowing. As a result, cordless electric lawn mowers are quickly gaining popularity among modern lawn mower buyers. The following are some features you need to consider when choosing the right cordless electrical lawn mower to buy.
When choosing the cordless lawn mower to purchase it is essential to look at how well it cuts grass rather than how pretty it is. A top mower is one which performs best. You will need to consider how efficiently and effectively the lawn mower cuts grass; look at how well it discharges, bags, or mulches; and the effectiveness of any special or supplementary features. For example, a self-propelled mower's should efficient in propelling itself.
Just like any other outdoor power tool, the durability of the electric lawn mower should greatly influence your decision to purchase. Look at the materials making every part of the electric mower for vulnerabilities which would lead to untimely break downs. Examine the material used to make the mower's deck. A polymer deck seems to last longer, are more resistant to damage and don't rust easily when compared to metal decks. It is also important to consider the material and design of the mower's battery, battery charger and wheels. A durable lawn mower will maintain quality mowing performance, over a long period, with few repairs.
Design and Ease of Use
The mower's overall accessibility is a measure of how easy it is to use its available features and the mower itself. The key factors to consider include: the mower's size and weight, whether it has a removable battery, and the ease of switching between the mowing modes.
In determining a mower's ease of use it is also necessary to consider the overall features of the mower and how well they combine to improve the mowing experience. In simple terms, a good cordless electric mower is one which is user friendly.
Other important design features are:
A self-propel function for heavy cordless electric mowers
A removable key-start to prevent accidental startup or unauthorized use
A bail handle for cutting off power to the blade during idle run
Help and Support
Companies that offer appropriate phone and email support, conveniently located service centers, and detailed information on how to get the most out of your cordless electric mower are good places to purchase electric lawn mowers. The help and support become vital especially during breakdowns.
Prior information on what to consider when choosing the right cordless lawn mower is important. Whether you are interested in a simple mower for your small yard, or a huge mower for larger fields, you will need to consider the features above to help you make an informed choice.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Movie Review: The Expendables 2

Putting Rambo, Diehard and Terminator together, gives you Expendable 2. Yeah, the The Expendables are back for a sequel and this time round, Jean Cloude Van Damme and Chuck Norris, also tag for the hot ride.
The film begins with Chuck Norris (Bruce Willis) hiring the Expendables for a job. The team includes Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), Yin Yang (Jet Li), Toll Road (Randy Couture), Gunnar Jansen (Dolph Lunddgren), Hale Caesar (Terry Crews), Maggie (Yu Nana) and Billy the Kid (Liam Hensworth).
Things go dreadfully wrong when the Expendable team is ambushed Vilainous Vilain (Van Damme) who murders one of the members in cold blood. Devastated, gang sets out on a revenge mission. This tough mission will eventually receive valuable help from the Church, thanks to Trench (Schwarzenegger) and Booker (Chuck Norris).
These veteran stars prove that they still have some juice left in them, despite their ages. The film may be criticized for its thin storyline but …. Who would be concerned with? The prospect watching Sylvester Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris together in one film is enough reason to buy a movie ticket or the DVD.

Title: The Expendables 2
Director: Simon West
Starring: Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li and Jean-Claude Van Damme
Run Time: 1hr 43 min
Rating: 7.6

Thursday, July 19, 2012


FM-200, chemically known as heptaflouropropane, is an effective fire extinguishing agent manufactured by Great Lakes Chemical Cooperation - United States.
A characteristic fire suppression system has FM-200 stored in a cylinder or sphere as a liquid, pressurized with nitrogen then conveyed into distribution nozzle via a network of pipes.
Critical to the system is the sensing unit and equipment control panel. Sensors detect the occurrence of combustion within the protected area. This panel then locks all the air handlers, triggers an alarm, disconnects electricity supply to the device and discharges the agent, F-200, into the protected area.
 Chemistry of extinguishing fire
Fire is a physical manifestation of a series of high heat-releasing reaction between oxygen and fuel. While a portion of heat is dissipated to the surrounding enough heat ought to be absorbed by the fuel to vaporize it and hence continue the burning process.
Physically-acting extinguishing agents, like FM-200, extinguish fires by absorbing heat and disturbing the dynamic balance. Electrically non conductive, the FM-200, when introduced in sufficient amounts into the fire gases reduces flame temperatures to a limiting value below which combustion cannot be sustained. Its unique characteristic also chemically prevents re-ignition.
Due to high concern over the protection of the ozone recently, any compound that is going to be found in the market for a long period must offer zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). FM-200 contains no bromine or chlorine and is lacking in ozone damaging properties, it offers ODP of zero. At its design concentration, FM-200 does not sufficiently deplete oxygen level to appoint where it is unsafe for the occupants to remain in the room. It is for these reasons that FM-200 was introduced to replace Halon 1301 which was a known ozone depleting agent. This property has enabled this agent to gain popularity the world over and is currently the most widely used fire extinguishing agent in critical facilities of the world.

Review: Buying Essential Oils

What essential oils are
Oil labeled essential, does not really mean it is critical or that it is made from a very important stuff from the plant. The term essential is, in most cases, used to refer to the distinctive aroma of the parent plant. However, these oils are so vital for skin care and sweet scent that it would still be correct to consider them essential in our lives. An essential oil is a liquid having the pure fragrance or the volatile aromatic compounds from tree barks, herbs, or other plant materials. It ought to originate from an organically grown source - they have natural sources. The oils derive their names mainly from plants they are extracted; therefore, tea tree essential oil is an essence of tea tree.
Where to buy essential oils
Where to buy essential oils is a very frequent question among users and prospective users of these vital products. People wonder which between buying essential oils from local health food stores, online stores or well known multinational stores is a good idea.
In trying to answer this question I would go for a specific essential oil - tea tree essential oil.
There are just a couple of rules to keep in mind when you are looking for where to buy essential oils, in particular tea tree oil:
1.) Know the source of your desired product
2.) Buy from someone with knowledge on the particular essential oil
4.) Buy the right kind of oil for your needs

1. Know the source of your essential oil
There are basically hundreds of species of Melaleuca, lots of which are capable of yield tea tree oil. Not all of these tea tree oils are essential oils are even healthy. There are also numerous countries producing tea tree oil, some with a really nasty smell and useless blends that are labeled pure tea tree oil. Due to the variety of parent trees, their oil may not work for your situation. There are probably hundreds of companies manufacturing tea tree oil and thousands of distributors for that matter. Make sure you know the exact choice of your product and be sure it is from the best manufacturers. Trace where your vendor stores and those in the internet get their products. If you can get this information you better cancel the trade before buying those cheap low grade products from anonymous countries and manufacturers.
2. Buy from someone with knowledge on the particular essential oil
Go to your local store, WalMart and the other good stores. The stores must be those which offer great variety and values and with helpful and friendly staff. While there, inquire from the customer service personnel which of the tea tree essential oil offered by their store is the best, and why you ought to buy tea tree oil from their store.  They should be able to explain the benefit of the different tea tree oil and what makes them different from the rest. Purchase tea tree oil that meets your specific needs. Be specific on your needs, let them know what you are looking for and go for it irrespective of the cost. Just avoid cheap stuff, they aren't going to work.
3. Buy the right essential oil for your need
Cheap 'essential' oils stink! They have bad smell, can irritate your skin, and even overpower your senses making hate even the smell of the most useful and helpful essential oils on the earth.
If you are applying the tea tree oil on your skin, hair, or for delicate dental needs, and oral only get highest quality tea tree oil.
But cheap oil can't miss its place. It is very useful in paint to reduce fungus and mold growth. You may also add it to your laundry as an antibacterial. In this case, the answer to where to buy essential oils is very simple - just anywhere. However, these cheap tea tree oils may be for janitorial, industrial and laundry use, household cleaners should not be used therapeutic applications and cosmetics.
If you want tea tree essential for fragrance, then you better buy the aromatherapy quality oils from a reputable company or store.
doTTERA essential stores, Mountain Rose herbs and are just to mention a few such top quality companies and stores. is an online store and to include it here may just tell you that online stores can also be a good answer if you are looking for where to buy essential oils, especially for those who like online shopping and/or have no time to enter a local store. There are many other stores and companies having quality essential oils. So it is advisable to research well before deciding on where to buy essential oils.

Review: Brainwave Entrainment For Stress Relief

Entrainment is the process by which two interacting oscillating bodies, with different periods when, functioning separately, assume the same period. These two oscillators often fall into synchrony; though, other phase relations are possible.
When a tuning fork, tuned to a G note, is placed close to a guitar and struck, the guitar's G note will be sent into vibration. This phenomenon has been studied for years in relation to the functioning of the brain. The human brain is usually throbbing with electrical impulses. The brain's electrical activity is often measured through an electroencephalogram (EEG). The machine actually records the frequency of the brainwaves (the electrical impulses) in Hertz (HZ)
The main frequency with which your brain is reverberating at any given moment is usually connected to your state of mind. Therefore, your state of mind, whether relaxed, sleepy or frightened, can be detected in your brainwave frequencies.
These frequencies have been organized into 4 broad groups together with their associated state of minds.
Delta Waves (3-5Hz): The waves are linked with deep sleep, unconsciousness and especially deep meditation. Staying conscious through delta requires practice.
Theta Waves (4-7Hz): These waves arise during sharp states of creativity. They are often associated with deep meditation. Seek theta and you will get access to unconscious material, or reveal creative ideas and insights.
Alpha Waves (8-12Hz): These waves are linked to some light meditation associated with daydreaming.
Beta Waves (13-20Hz). These waves are connected to normal awaken consciousness and are predominant when you are focusing on the outside world's activities.
In the past, you could achieve brainwave entrainment through hours of quieting your mind and enticing your brain to these different states. However, in present world these benefits can be easily realized through use of special audio programs designed for this particular purpose.
Depending on the type of frequency used in the sound wave, the four states of mind are achievable with the following beneficial effects:
1.         Aid meditation
The major significant outcome of meditation is a change in your brain frequency from a high state to lower one like delta, alpha, or theta. While 'meditators' spent years learning meditation techniques; you can nowadays achieve the same feeling using this brainwave entrainment. This can be achieved easy, quick and with no great discipline or special training. Meditation frequencies are normally experiential in the alpha range (8-13Hz).
2. Shorter learning time
The theta state (4 - 7Hz) has been recognized to boost learning potential. As a matter of fact, children have more time in theta stage compared to adults, which perhaps explains the speedy learning potential of children.
Alphas are also helpful when learning. You may play subliminal tapes, language cassettes, etc. through an entrainment for an utmost effect.

3. Reducing sleepiness
Half an hour each day in the Theta state may restore up to four hours of your valuable sleep.
4. Certain mental illness treatment
Brainwave entrainment can be applied in treatment of attention-deficit disorder, depression, alcohol and drug addiction, autism, low self-esteem. Brainwave entrainment also helps ease migraines and headaches.
5. Stress reduction, improved health and relaxation
Stress usually cause some chemical changes in your brain which end up affecting your health. By changing the state of your brain through brainwave entrainment, you can greatly improve your health. By bringing your brain frequency down to an alpha state, your stress will melt away. While diet and exercise helps relieve stress, brainwave entrainment adjusts your brain program to exercise and also improve your diet.

Other Reported benefits of brainwave entrainment, by users, include:
1. Increased sex drive.
2. Deeper spiritual connections
3. Helps get rid of bad habits (behavioral change).
The benefits of brainwave entrainment are just outstanding.

Porter-Cable FR350A Review

Automatic nailers (commonly known as nail guns) are efficient nailing tools. Compared to the traditional hammer these tools work far much better and can be used by all -  amateurs, DIYers and experienced contractors. They are easy to use and can drive nails at virtually any angle without bending them. One such tool is the Porter-cable fr350a
Types of nails it can use
Porter-cable fr350a nail gun uses the full round head framing nails. Due to the different manufacturing companies, framing nails usually come in different sizes, types and finishes. This should not be an issue, you can change between various nail brands as long as they are within the specification listed in this tool's manual.
The accepted nail sizes for this nail gun range from 0.113 to 0.148 inches in diameter, 2 to 3-1/2 inches long and a head diameter of .263 to .295 inches.
The magazine is designed 22-degree plastic collated round-head framing nails. But can hold between 20 to 22-degree nails.
Nail Magazine and Number of Nails
The nail magazine is quite tough since it is made of anodized aluminum. It is set 22-degrees to the drive axis. The nail magazine holds duo-strip of plastic collated nails for a total of 64 nails.
Product Dimensions -fr350a has the following dimensions: Length 53cm (21"), Width 12cm (4.6"), Height (36cm) (14.25"). Most framing nailers have similar size, the FR350A is maybe slightly smaller than some nailers in the market.
Weight - The fr350a framing nailer is weighs just over 3.5kg (8lbs). It is a heavy tool just like many other frame nailers. This can cause some fatigue if held for a long period. However, the extra weight is very useful in dampening the recoil produced by a frame nailer as it drives the nail. If these large nails were to be driven using lighter tools, excessive recoil would be created leading to more fatigue. And since the user need not to carry the machine all the time, they can avoid this fatigue and "rest" their arms as they do other jobs.
Operating pressure - fr350a nail gun  will drive nails well at pressure ranges between 70 - 120 PSI. It can be driven by a compressor of almost any size so long as it has a tank. Below 70 PSI the gun will lack the power to fully drive the nail. Therefore it is recommended that the operating pressures do not go below 70psi.
Additional features
 -Well mounted trigger
 -Tough nail magazine
 -Adjustable air exhaust port  
 -Depth of drive controls helps adjust the depth to which the nail is driven
 -Easily accessible actuation mode selection- it is located on the
 -The body and handle system system is well designed
 -Strong Case
Once you get used to its weight, using the machine will be quite simple. The nail gun comes equipped with a 1/4" adjustable exhaust vent. This protects the user from the exhaust emissions. A removable rubber cushion protects the work surface. This can be removed to expose the barbed foot for more accurate toenailing. Fr350a nail gun comes in a kit with 3 wrenches for clearing jams and adjusting the tool. It has a tough plastic case with a space for carrying nails.
Pros:solidly built, versatile, safer
Cons: Huge, Heavy and bulky

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pinterest Review: Amazing Tools To Spice Up Your Pinterest Experience

Pinterest alone offers its users various useful tools to help them market their accounts, including a Pin-It-button and Follow Button which they can easily install on any site. However, having such an active community, there are a load of other interesting apps, tools, and websites which seek to improve the Pinterest experience even further. Pinterest analytics, WordPress plugins, great Pinterest hacks and layouts and Printerest access through mobile phones are just but a few ways Pinterest's vivacious society can enjoy.
Below is a list of these wonderful tools to spice up your Printest experience.
Influence Measurement tools
PinReach and pinpuff are Analytics tools which enable users to check their influence - to gauge and monitor their trends on the site. Pinreach just requires you to sign up and confirm your account after which you will be able to monitor your PinReach score or influence. This enables you to think of ways to raise your user-engagement on your page and increase your general influence on Pinterest.
Blogging tools
There are numerous ways of adding a Pinterest button to your blog. Pinterest-Pin-it button plugin places a Pin, automatically at the bottom of your posts- both new and old. For example, to include the button in your page or place it in a widget, you just need to add the short code [pinterest] at your desired position. Pin-it-on-pinterest enables you have full control over the image within your which can be pinned. Another useful plugin in this category is Pinterest "Pin-it" button, which offers easy full control over your Pin-it button. After a string of tuning settings, this plugin enables you to easily decide where the Pin-it button will show.
Raising your email signature
Wisestamp, now supports Pinterest and enables you to increase your email signature. The service's Pinterest-Email Application permits easy addition of a Follow-Me-on-Pinterest button to your signature. Secondly, Wisestamp offers an option to add a Pinterest button simply beside your icons for other social profiles.
Sharing Screenshots
To share a number of screenshots on Pinterest you will certainly get efficient way to do it from is a beautiful means through which web designers share their work with their followers on Pinterest. Simply enter the address of the site you wish to share, click the Pinterest button, and a pop-up window emerges where you choose the board and insert your description.

Pinterest on your phone
The site now has an official iPhone app which enables you to carry your account wherever you go. You can pin your phone's photos through this app. If you are an Android user, however, you aren't that lucky. You can access all of the website's features on your browser; however, you will have no capability to upload a photo.
A tiny free Android app resolve that hitch. Pin-to-Pinterest gives you the additional option to pin your phone images.
Downloading iOS app, Pinterest-it, enable you to pin images directly from your mobile browser. This app has its own browser, with in-built Pinterest button, but if you'd fancy using Apple's indigenous safari, this app has instructions on a way to incorporate the button into your browser.